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The founder, Willem J Henning, has been diagnosed with Acute Psoriasis at the age of ten.

His Story “I could not swim without a T shirt, not wear shorts in the public or T shirts due to the feeling of embarrassment and everybody asking, shame what is wrong, this caused me, since 1984, to do studies on Psoriasis and Arthritis. [Pain management]”.


After spending thousands of Rand’s on medicine, pills, creams, trying to correct the over reacted immune system, he did realize that the human body is like a stubborn child, it will show good result in the beginning of each new treatment or medicine taken, but after a few days it will come out more aggressive with treatment. Realizing the more you fight the condition the worst it became.

Designing and manufacturing His own photo therapy  narrow band light in 1984,  he treated himself, in the comfort of his own house, 3 times a week. The condition on the surface disappear, the redness and flakes fade away. The moment when he stop for a month or two, it starts again. At this stage he realized that you must keep on treating yourself ones you got the condition under control. In treating yourself ones or twice a month when under control, it stays away.


In 1999 he investigate to find a alternative way, to heal the body from the inside. A good friend of him, a medical Doctor in London, who run his own clinic, treating patients with severe sicknesses and pain related illnesses with a Electro-Medicine (Frequency) device which he designed  successfully as well as helping patients with Psoriasis. The doctor dedicated his life as a research engineer and medical doctor into fighting pain and illnesses with frequency, he treated thousands of patient, the  founder was also treated on these devices he designed, and the Psoriasis with arthritis fade away after ten treatments, in doing so he could control the inflammation from the inside of the body, the result, IT HELPED.


The solution to his problem, Frequency with narrow band UVB, 311NM.


This did lead him to start an affordable “Pain and Psoriasis Health Care Facility” (The Power of healing – The alternative way) to help people.